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Established in 2017, Skyra Studios is Central Florida’s only performing arts training center that offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for aspiring dancers, actors, filmmakers, and artists to gain real-world experience. We provide a performing arts program that will give your child elite training in dance, acting, art, or filmmaking in a positive, welcoming environment that is encouraging for all.

About Skyra

Located within the City of Altamonte Springs, Skyra Studios is the most comprehensive performing arts facility within the Central Florida region. We have four dance studios and one acting suite inside of our location and a variety of styles on offer for students from ages 3 to 20.

To ensure classes are suitable for those who attend, we offer a range of options across styles, age groups and abilities. Whether you are aiming for a professional career, looking to stay fit or finally ready to give dance a try, we have a class for you.

The teachers at Skyra Studios have a vast range of experience across disciplines. Our collective approach is to share our love of dance, acting, film, or art while being supportive and encouraging.

Enroll for group lessons or book private lessons at a time that suits you.

Who We Are

At Skyra Studios, we were founded by the visionary duo of Mary and Scott Poiley. Together, they created a place where the love for dance, acting, filmmaking, and art could be nurtured, artistic boundaries could be pushed, and dreams could be transformed into reality. Although Scott has passed away and Mary is no longer actively running the studio, their indelible impact on Skyra Studios lives on.

Scott and Mary shared a deep passion for the arts and a belief in the art’s power to inspire and transform lives. They recognized the need for a performing arts conservatory that went beyond technical training and embraced a holistic approach, fostering creativity, self-expression, and personal growth. With this vision in mind, they founded Skyra Studios, a place where artists of all ages and levels could explore their potential and flourish in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Guided by their unwavering commitment to excellence, Scott and Mary set high standards for the studio. They believed in providing exceptional training, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging each artist to discover their unique voice. Their dedication to nurturing both the artistry and well-being of their students became the cornerstone of Skyra Studios.

Scott and Mary’s guiding principles revolved around creating a space where artists could pursue their dreams while embracing the values of respect, discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. They believed in instilling a love for their art form that would extend beyond the studio walls and accompany their students throughout their lives.

Today, as we continue the legacy of Skyra Studios, we remain committed to upholding Scott and Mary’s vision. We strive to honor their memory by providing outstanding education, fostering creativity, and empowering our students to reach their fullest potential. Scott and Mary’s spirit of passion, dedication, and artistic exploration will forever inspire us as we nurture the next generation of artists at Skyra Studios.

While we mourn the loss of Scott and acknowledge Mary’s transition from active involvement, their influence on our studio’s values and philosophy remains a cherished part of our identity. Their legacy continues to shape the way we teach, inspire, and support our dancers, ensuring that their vision lives on in every graceful step taken at Skyra Studios.

Scott Poiley and Mary Poiley


Skyra Studios founders Scott & Mary Poiley with their daughters Skyler and Kyra on Opening Day 2017.

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