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Competitive Company

2023-2024 Audition Form

Skyra Studios Company Program is a ballet-based program designed to provide a strong technical foundation while building individual artistry. This program is designed to fulfill the needs of serious dance students who plan to transition from a pre-professional studio to a professional dance career or university dance program. Company is recommended for dancers of various styles that want to take their training to the next level. This focused company comprised of different teams is designed to prepare its members for a professional career in classical ballet, contemporary ballet, concert, broadway, or commercial dance.Company members are showcased in The Skyra Foundation’s Annual Gala and attend several convention/competition events throughout the year. Dancers are also given the opportunity to train and work with guest choreographers.

  • Dancers train year-round to maintain and improve their technique, balance, strength, flexibility, performance skills, and artistry.
  • Dancers range from ages 5-18 and each dancer is required to take a required number of training hours depending on their level.
  • Dancers have the opportunity to compete solos, duets, trios and group numbers locally and nationally if they so choose.
  • We tailor each dancers competitive season towards their career goals.

The benefits of the Skyra Company reach far beyond just learning to dance, perform and winning trophies. Dancers build lifelong friendships on the solid foundation of their many hours spent training, and competing together. They learn core values such as teamwork, dedication, time-management, discipline, healthy lifestyle habits, and achievement. These important lessons will carry them on any path they choose to take in life.

2022-2023 Audition Form

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