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Pre-Professional Mentorship Program


The Hatch is a boutique mentorship program built specifically for serious dancers ages 14 and up interested in pursuing a professional career in the commercial dance world. The stylized training separates the genres into specialized subcategories, allowing students to refine their skills within their focused areas of interest.

The Hatch offers elite classes in dance technique, conditioning, on-camera work, acting, singing, improvisation, career guidance, audition prep, dance workshops, intensives, and more.

The Hatch will offer students the skills they need in order to bridge the gap between training and hatching into the entertainment industry. Over the course of this program, dancers will meet with directors, producers, choreographers, and talent agents. Throughout the year dancers will also receive personalized mentorship from industry professionals giving them valuable insight into their unique career paths.

Dancers in The Hatch program will also have the opportunity to gain real industry experience and credits by performing in digital content that will later be distributed on Dancentric TV.  

Hatch your career with us! 

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The Hatch at Skyra is for serious-minded dancers training to be professionals in various types of companies, national tours, Broadway, film/tv and more. This program is led by top industry professionals and runs August through May. The commercial industry is highly competitive and it is our goal to give our students the education they need in order to become a triple threat! In addition to classes in technique and choreography, students will also have film and stage performance opportunities.

Students in The Hatch program are well-rounded, highly motivated & talented dance students who are either homeschooled or participate in an early release program with their school. Classes start at 2pm with optional offerings starting at 11am. Homeschooled students have a particular advantage since they can usually devote more time to training, and, with some structure, students are more likely to stay on task. In this exclusive environment, students will form friendships and bonds with like-minded individuals who share the same passion, drive, and determination for a professional career.


The Hatch program runs Tue/Wed/Thur 2:30-4:30 pm. The exact schedule is fluid and always changing based on the needs of our Hatchers. Hatchers will be placed into one of two Academy dance levels in the evening class schedule to build their own unique schedule for training up to 22 hours a week. 



  • Dancers must be 15 and older to qualify for The Hatch.
  • Dancers should be at an advanced intermediate to advanced level.
  • Dancers must be serious and 100% dedicated to the craft


  • Acceptance is by invitation or audition only.
  • Please email a headshot, resume, and a video showcasing your talent to
  • Space is limited and there is no guarantee that a dancer will be accepted.

Homeschool Programs

We recommend students enroll in FLVS Flex or Full-Time program.


$300/Per Month

Tuition for The Hatch

$300 per month made payable August 1st through June 1st.*

*The Hatch tuition fee does not include any evening classes. It is only for the Hatch program. All other classes are based on the Skyra price per hour tuition scale and additional to The Hatch fee.

Registration Fee: $100

Space is Limited!

Video Audition

If you are unable to attend an in-person audition, you are welcome to apply via video audition and online application.  A $35 fee applies.

Please email us your resume and headshot to

Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes long and include one of the following:

NOTE: The dancer’s body must be clearly visible

Option 1. Four Counts of 8 of Improv in the style of dance you are the strongest as well as a combo you have learned from a class that showcases your skills.

Option 2. Solo Performance from a previous competition

-A link to your audition video may be submitted as part of your online application or sent separately by email, along with a resume and headshot, to Please use the following subject: “(Name) 2022-2023 Hatch Audition”.

A $35 fee applies.

A link to your audition video may be submitted as part of your online application or sent separately by email, along with a resume and headshot, to  Please use the following subject: “(Your Name) for (Program you are applying for)”.

To be certain your submission was received, please follow up by email to one week after sending it to request status.

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