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Nicole Ray

Art Program Director

Artist | Photographer


Art and Photography

About Nicole

Nicole has been working as a career artist for close to 10 years. She loves several different media for creating visual art, and is constantly working on mastering them; these range from watercolors to acrylics, to photography. She has done murals, custom commissions and worked as a portrait and wedding photographer. She feels like the most important language is a visual one; almost everyone can feel or take something from them. They don’t need words to get the message across. They can make you laugh, cry, or reach inward using only colors, patterns, and imagery. They can make you smile and remind you of home.

Photos work the same way but are more literal. Nicole has spent hundreds of days with families capturing some of their most memorable moments—the happiest days of their lives. No moments are more cherished than the ones where you think no one is looking—like when you capture a glance a groom gives his new wife. One of pure love. Or of a grandfather having some uplifting words with this man who will now take care of his granddaughter. Photos can speak to you. Either a sentence or entire stories.

Nicole has taught classes before, and she loves to infuse them with an undertone of fun. She is excited to take a more serious route and open the doors to our youth about the world of visual arts, and the many many different forms it takes.

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