About the Program

In Skyra’s Studio Art classes, your student will learn the foundations of making beautiful and fully realized studio art pieces. The concepts they master will be used throughout the rest of their creative careers! The art classes offer insight and technical instruction on how best to create comic books and storyboards. Telling a story through panels, movement, mood, and expressive color and line brings a narrative to life and is an invaluable skill for any artist or visual storyteller. We’ll add essential tools to the creative toolbox, and help tell some amazing stories with art.

Schedule & Tuition

Kids Art Classes are for ages 10+

Art Schedule Coming Soon

Skyra Studios Art Program Alex Ray Artist Painting Comic Books Illustration

Class Descriptions

Working with a variety of mediums, students will hone their artistic skills and discover their unique artistic style. Mediums to explore include watercolor painting, acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, and pastel. Students will learn essential skills to become better artists, and let their creativity thrive!

Learn to draw and “see” as an artist. Drawing is a powerful tool, and through learning the fundamentals, you can truly learn to draw anything. Students will get to draw many different subjects, both from life and from photographs. Using charcoal and graphite, we will explore value, composition, perspective, and so much more!

In this art class students will learn the basic elements and principles of art (composition, color theory, form, perspective, anatomy, etc.) via drawing and painting. These skills are useful to every visual artist, in whatever creative field they choose.

Students will learn basic and intermediate techniques to create storyboard art. Storyboards are useful to creative directors and directors of photography in the animation and film industry as a template for translating the script into action during shooting. The course will also instruct students in how to adapt/interchange those skills (with the addition of a few more) into creating colorful, compelling comic books—a medium whose capacity for storytelling rivals even that of a film.

Students will receive instruction in the many facets of Acrylic/Water Color Painting. There will be subject and figure painting, plen air, still life, and even a collaborative group effort as part of the course. Many of the techniques learned will apply to other courses and disciplines within the visual arts: set and prop design, illustration, and concept art, to name a few.

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