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Natasha Glos

Ballet Program Director

Diane-Withee-Ballet-Classical Ballet Skyra Studios Orlando Florida Ballet Class Pointe Classical Variations

Diane Withee

Ballet Instructor | Coach


Randee Workowski

Ballet Instructor | Coach


Jessica Springer

Ballet Instructor

Ballet & Contemporary Residencies

with Rasta Thomas and Duncan Cooper


Rasta Thomas

Duncan Cooper Classical Ballet Dance Skyra Studios Orlando Florida Ballet Contemporary

Duncan Cooper

We have created a very unique curriculum for Skyra Studios. While incorporating classes in other genres, the Classical Ballet curriculum will infuse the very best principles of the Vaganova and ABT methodologies. This is based on our faculty’s own years of training in the Vaganova, ABT, and Cuban method as ballet students, and later training as principal and professional dancers.

We believe that a hybrid approach will create a complete, well-rounded ballet dancer with an understanding that every dancer’s body is unique, with an approach to their dance education that will be individualized to their specific needs. Our dancers will be trained to excel in jumps and turns while working on strong Port de Bras and flexibility. Focus will be given to body conditioning before every ballet class and teach our dancers proper care for their instrument to enjoy a long career in the industry.

It is critical in a changing ballet world for our students to be well-versed in Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, and more, so dancers can confidently cross over into other genres— making them more flexible and marketable in the dance industry. Classical Ballet is the cornerstone of our dance program; however, we believe our coursework in other genres is vital in preparing both Classical Ballet and Commercial dancers for successful careers. Skyra’s rigorous Ballet program is for the most disciplined, goal-oriented students.

Students in our Classical Ballet program take classes in Ballet Technique, Pointe, Classical Variations, and Men’s Ballet according to their specific needs, in addition to classes in other dance genres.

As we grow, students will also have the opportunity to experience Classical productions such as Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, Paquita, and other Classical repertoire, allowing them to demonstrate their growth and develop their artistry with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions


Each student is evaluated in each genre by Skyra faculty and placed into the level where the student will benefit the most from their classes.  Levels of study are assessed by what is most appropriate to each student’s ability, not age.

Dress Code

Ladies: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  Pointe shoes are by approval of the dance directors only; ladies may opt to wear a black skirt during pointe and/or variations.  Hair should pulled back neatly and secured in a bun.

Men: black or white shirt or tank top, black tights, and black ballet shoes.  Boys aged 8-11 may opt to wear mid-thigh black shorts.


Every student at Skyra Studios will receives two formal, written evaluations per year.  These evaluations will assess the student’s technical development, deportment and attendance, and serve as a tool for goal setting and growth.

Personal Coaching

Our teachers have had the privilege to coach students for many years; they work with individual students in preparation for ballet competitions or simply for personal improvement; working with each student to meet their unique needs and accomplish their specific goals.Personal coaching and ballet competitions are by personal interest only and not a requirement of our ballet program.

Ballet Competitions

As professional ballet dancers, we have learned that winning or losing a prize in a competition will not determine the future of a dance career.  However, we believe that  select ballet competitions can help students to understand some of the pressures of a professional career while honing technique, building stage presence, and becoming responsible for their own performance preparation. Our ballet program faculty will determine who is ready for Ballet competitions. Ballet competitions are completely optional, and we will identify the ideal competition for each student based on their individual needs and abilities.


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