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At Skyra, we offer the finest education in dance, acting, art, and filmmaking. We see the value in finding a single location that provides all the tools your child needs to become a successful artist.

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The Film Projects

Skyra Studios teams up with Skyra Entertainment to create film projects throughout the year that will be used as proof of concepts for full feature films and sent out to buyers in both the US and Canada. Each project will include dance scenes for those dancers interested in learning how to perform for the camera. Award-winning producers Scott and Mary Poiley, creator of The Close Up Experience Isis Masoud, and professional working actress Erin Beute developed a program that allows students to have real industry experience. The students will be quickly immersed in a hands-on program that will teach them the do’s and don’ts of auditioning, scene study, character development and what it’s like to be on a real film set. The program offers opportunities for all interests. If your child is not interested in being in front of the camera, they can join us behind the scenes. They can learn about producing, writing and all the other departments on a film set.

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