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Sound Language Header
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Indie Short Fest – 2019
WINNER – Top Shorts – 2019
WINNER – Los Angeles Film Awards – 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Best Shorts Competition – 2019


Sound Language is an elevated short film set in a Dystopian world where the spoken word has long been forgotten. The warring tribes that now inhabit the watery wasteland communicate through various forms of rhythm. The story centers around “Dig” played by Dorrance Dance’s Nicholas Van Young and “Nati” played by Syncopated Ladies Co-Creator, Maud Arnold. Dig and Nati believe they can bring Earth back to its Utopian paradise by uniting three warring tribes (Step, Tap and Drum) to create one harmonic song.  The rhythmic language will be supported by subtitles creating a unique foreign language film unlike any other. 

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Choreographer Scott Poiley with the help of Christopher Broughton (Dorance Dance, After Midnight) and Nicholas Van Young (Dorrance Dance) bring an amazing amalgamation of rhythms through step, tap and percussion. Scott integrates a fresh tribal flair to the tap and step choreography, creating sharp, dynamic, and energetic movement.


The world is reminiscent of the look and feel of MAD MAX and WATER WORLD films with vast oceans between any remains of civilization. 


Scarcity of resources has driven the characters to become scavengers that make use of any artifacts available. The wardrobes will reflect a patchwork of worn fabrics and other items. 

Music and Dance

Each of the clans “speak” their own unique language through movement, rhythm, and sound, but it is the synthesis of the three that creates magic. The characters in Sound Language will use tap as a means to communicate, and a variety of drums and interesting makeshift instruments. 



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