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Skyra Entertainment is a multifaceted production company with the capabilities of producing large and small films, live streaming events, stage shows, and more. We are experts in capturing and creating emotionally impactful story-driven content. We also know the power of live, face-to-face engagement is undeniable.

With the restrictions that COVID is causing for large gatherings, we have to be adaptable and find new ways to bring live entertainment to our viewers. Skyra’s production team has the ability to produce high quality multicamera live streaming broadcasts, that still conveys a sense of community and inclusiveness. Your live video can be viewed on your own website and/or your favorite social media site giving you a fully branded experience.

Live Stream Stage Show Experiences Include:
• Online streaming of the event
• Q&A with Cast (Premium Ticket Price)
• Back Stage Tour (Premium Ticket Price)
• Hybrid Experiences (live and virtual)

Create Live Streaming Solutions


We love film and are proud to be celebrating 14 years as an Orlando-based film production company providing film production, corporate video production, and live streaming services.  There is no other digital or marketing communication tool that creates an emotional and resonating connection with audiences like live streaming video.  Companies that leverage live video today are seizing the opportunity to enhance the experience for employees, partners, and customers alike.

Our production team can produce a TV-style multi-camera live web streaming broadcast that brings out the best of your brand, your company, or your event.  Your broadcast can include real-time graphics, music, video material, and advertising elements.  A successful LIVE broadcast brings together the best elements of TV with the ease and affordability of live web streaming.

Your live video can be viewed on your own website, your favorite social media site, or via a projection screen for your in-house audience.


A live telecast or broadcast is a unique challenge. 

Always under the pressure to get it right, we focus on making sure that every detail of your event is covered in the broadcast.  If it matters to your audience, it will matter to us.

No matter the size of your event or your intended audience – there is a LIVE WEB STREAMING solution that can meet your needs.  We have chosen to focus our expertise on the following event types:

  • Dance Performances
  • Musical Concerts
  • Theatrical Shows, Musicals & Operas
  • Variety Acts

Live Streaming Services:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual events
  • Virtual learning
  • Virtual roundtable
  • Virtual experiences
  • On-demand subscriptions
  • Live streaming
  • Web conferencing
  • Chat rooms


We know what you’re thinking!

“This all sounds really nice and we would love to have live web streaming but the idea of doing our event live is too costly, too complicated and too time-consuming,”

There is no mistaking that live streaming is a premium video production service that is not offered by a lot of production companies. The myth that it is “easy to do” often gets well-intentioned people into all kinds of predicaments. We have seen it happen to the best of companies and marketing departments.

THE GOOD NEWS: Professional live web streaming services and the workflow that surrounds these projects are more affordable & more accessible than ever before. We will tailor a suite of products & services to meet your budget and exceed your expectations–we have a service and streaming package that will fit ANY budget. We will evaluate your vision and your audience to determine the production elements needed for a successful LIVE WEBCAST.



Virtual conferences and meetings are growing in demand and could become the norm of business today as companies look to reduce costs and exposure of customers and employees. In addition many events are adding virtual services as a new way to reach even more attendees and employees with integrated virtual exhibitor services. With today’s live streaming, integrated chat, as well as our video platform – virtual events have never been easier for you to produce and attend. On-demand and cord-cutting behaviors are the new content centers for professionals in every industry. With more video consumed than broadcast television, on-demand platforms have set a new standard in how content is consumed and distributed. We are the one-stop-shop for all your video production and live virtual event needs!

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