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Joe Llorens

Acting Instructor

Actor | Instructor


YouTubers, Improv, On Camera Basics

About Joe

Joe Llorens doesn’t write bios very well. He is always unsure of what to say and how to say it. He wants you to know that he majored in and earned a BFA in acting because he would like you to know that this has been a passion of his for a long time, not because he thinks it’s terribly impressive. He would like to inform you that he completed the entire curriculum at SAK Comedy Lab because he’s incredibly grateful and proud to have learned from improvisers he admires and respects so much, not because he’s bragging about being able to come up with the money to sign up for the classes. When he is not performing he is raising three beautiful kids with his lovely wife. She was looking over his shoulder when he typed that part and made it clear that she would not be ok with him changing it. Not that he would.
He is also weirded out by the fact that I am referring to himself in the third person. (Did you see what he did there?)

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