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About Alex

Alex loves art. Specifically, he loves the art of illustration, comic books, and concept design. He has a background in fine arts painting, the fundamentals of which are present in all of his work. He makes art every day, and will do so until his hands physically can’t work anymore. He primarily enjoy creating narrative imagery—visual storytelling that is found in comic books, children’s books, or storyboards. The best stories are the ones that lend themselves to outlandish perspective drawing and unique character design. Mostly, he really enjoys teaching others how to make art, so they can appreciate the joy of creating something new and colorful as much as he does.

Alex Ray is a professional illustrator based in Orlando, FL. His experience is varied, having done projects ranging from mural painting, storyboarding, comic books, poster design, logo design, caricature art, and children’s book illustration.

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