The Commercial Conservatory at Skyra


Scott Poiley

Artistic Director

Tara Jeanne Valle

Tara Jeanne Valle

Musical Theater & Jazz Instructor

Lars Brown

Lars Brown

Hip Hop Instructor


Erin Beute

Acting & Voice Instructor

Natalia-Bashkatova-Ballet-Classical-Ballet-Orlando-Skyra-Studios-Florida-Ballet-Classes-for-Kids-Pointe-Classical-Variations-Summer-Dance-Camp-Dance-Classes bw

Natalia Bashkatova

Ballet, Pointe, Variations and Injury Prevention

Diane-Withee-Ballet-Classical Ballet Skyra Studios Orlando Florida Ballet Class Pointe Classical Variations

Diane Withee

Ballet Instructor


Maria Konrad Reach

Contemporary & Lyrical
Fitness & Injury Prevention

squaredavid-340×340 bw

David Gabriel

Afro Latin Fusion Instructor


The Commercial Dance Conservatory at Skyra is for serious-minded dancers training to be professional dancers in various type of companies, concert dancers, national tours, on Broadway, film/tv and more. This program is led by top industry professionals and runs August through May. Students will study ballet, musical theater, hip hop, emotion, tap, jazz, contemporary, music theory, voice, performance technique, auditioning technique and acting. The commercial industry is highly competitive and it is our goal to give our students the education they need in order to become a triple threat! In addition to classes in technique and choreography, students will also have film and stage performance opportunities.

Students in the Commercial Dance Conservatory program are well-rounded, highly motivated & talented dance students who are homeschooled. Homeschooled students have a particular advantage since they can usually devote more time to training, and, with some structure, students are more likely to stay on task. In this exclusive environment, students will form friendships and bonds with like-minded individuals who share the same passion, drive, and determination for a professional career.

Commercial Dance Conservatory

Students will receive a specially tailored education that focuses on their professional dance training while allowing them to achieve academic success. The Commercial Conservatory program will allow students to complete their academic work at home before attending our focused daytime classes from 12:00-3:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, for a total of 14 daytime class hours per week. Tuition is $600 per month and includes up to 12 hours of evening classes of your choice.

  • 3.5 Hours of Focused Morning Classes.
  • Up to 12 Hours of Evening Classes of Your Choice.
  • Classes include Ballet Technique, Pointe, Conditioning, Contemporary, PBT, Character, Progressions, Emotions, Jazz, Broadway, Hip Hop, Tap, Afro Latin Fusion, Improv, Acting and more.
  • Open Rehearsal Time.
  • Competition and Convention Opportunities.
  • Additional fees apply for Master Class Residencies for conservatory only students.


Tuition for the Commercial Dance Conservatory

Registration Fee: $100

Space is Limited!

Frequently Asked Questions


Dancers must be in grades 5-12 to qualify for the commercial day program. Dancers should be at an advanced intermediate to advanced level.


Acceptance is by invitation or audition only. Please call to schedule a placement class or send a video showcasing your talent to Space is limited.

Dress Code

Dance Classes:

Ballet Class:

  • Ladies: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  Pointe shoes are by teacher approval only.  Ladies may opt to wear a black skirt during pointe and/or variations.  Hair should be pulled back neatly and secured in a flat ballet bun.
  • Men: black or white shirt, black tights, and black ballet shoes.  Boys aged 8-11 may opt to wear mid-thigh black shorts.

Other Classes:

  • Black fitted attire – No tights

For a full list of dress codes by class please see our Dress Code page.

Homeschool Programs

We recommend students enroll in FLVS Flex or Full Time program.


Class Descriptions

Below is a list of our specialty classes in our conservatory program. For descriptions on all other classes please see our class description page.

Musical Theater Dance/Broadway

This course will go through the decades teaching the various styles of dance, preparing the student for the shows that call for period pieces. The students will also be introduced to the choreographic styles of Bob Fossé, Jerome Robbins, Twyla Tharp and Michael Bennett, to name a few.  The goal of this class is to prepare our pre-professionals for any style they will either come across in an audition or a show.

Fitness & Injury Prevention

Performers often have a rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule. This class will give the students techniques on how to prepare for these long days through diet, meditation, strength training, flexibility and mind body awareness. The students will leave this class with the tools they need to have a long and healthy career.

Music Theory & Sight Reading Fundamentals

Even if you do not consider yourself a singer, every dancer should have an understanding of how to read music. This class will teach the students to read and sing music at first sight. The skills they will learn in this class will also improve pitch accuracy and rhythmic skills. Sight-reading is a crucial skill to have if you intend to be apart of any professional musical production.

Monologue & Scene Study


Voice is an introductory class focusing on enhancing both your sound quality and vocal dynamics. The class will teach the students how to expand their range, control and overall performance quality. The students will also learn how to work within an ensemble, shading their tones in order to blend with other vocalist within a chorus.

Theatrical & On Camera Auditioning Technqiue

The class will focus on the techniques of auditioning. The students will be given creative material/choreography to be executed within a mock audition.

Emotion & Kinetic Story Telling

Students will be given a movement combination and will explore different emotions with the same movement. Students will learn how to tell a story and bring emotion to their movement through various exercises. This class is essential for dancers at any level to build confidence and find purpose within the choreography.

Performance Technique

Students will have an opportunity to learn choreography and songs to be performed in several classroom showcases.

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